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    1. Corporate culture

      I. Enterprise Strategy

      Group management, professional management and diversified development.

      II. Enterprise Mission

      By providing high quality products and services, we can continuously create value with customers and realize the growth of employees and enterprises.

      III. Enterprise Purpose

      Integrate the personal pursuit of employees into the long-term development of enterprises.

      IV. Enterprise Philosophy

      Unity and cooperation.

      V. Enterprise Vision

      Make work and life more efficient.

      VI. Core Values

      Integrity, responsibility, efficiency and innovation.

      VII. Enterprise Spirit

      Employees and companies grow and share common destiny.

      8. Enterprise ethos

      Positive, optimistic, responsible and enterprising.

      9. Corporate Ethics

      Honesty and responsibility, loyalty and dedication.

      10. Business Philosophy

      Excellent science and technology, honest service, harmony but difference, create long-term.

      11. Operating Thoughts

      Provide users with practical and reliable automation products and services, so that users are constantly supported by new technologies.
      Code of Conduct
      Be honest and down-to-earth.

      13. Brand positioning

      Continuous efforts to become a well-known domestic oil field production automation and information system solutions provider.

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